Digital Video Express
Circuit City fooled no one!
DIVX is now out of business!

Thank you to all that have helpedspread the word about DIVX.  The people HAVE decided the fate of DIVXand the people won. The fight isn't over just yet. Many refunds must begiven. Every DIVX customer deserves his/her $100 back for being talkedinto this DIVX scam. Please get the word out and make sure that peopleactually do get their refunds. In a few days we will be posting more infoabout what will be happening and what you should do now that DIVX has calledit quits. And let us not forget how Circuit City lied and tried to brainwashthe consumers telling us that DIVX was better than DVD. Circuit City'snext project will be internet sales. They will attempt to cut service outof the loop and try to get you to buy online to avoid paying sales counselorcommissions. More on this in the coming week. Please still check back andfind out what is going on. And thanks to everyone for emailing VIACOM,Blockbuster Video, Radio Shack, Sears, Best Buy, and all the other storesto not carry DIVX. This proves that the internet can do good against thecompanies that try to take advantage of us.    Thanks againall!

What is DVD, what is DIVX (Digital Video Express)?:

Fewer Features:Inconvenient: Thanks Ryan for the banner! - Visit our sponsor! Anti-Competition:The Firm How They Are Going to Sell You onDIVX:Unnecessary:Little Black Boxes:Confusing: Silver, Gold, never own but you can hold.  DIVX is confusing. False Viewings, Bill Disputes andFees:
Big Brother WatchingYou - Invasion Of Privacy:
DIVX is The Enemy of the StateForcing DIVX on Us:Do not let DIVX be forced upon youIf One Format Fails, Which Would Be Better for the Consumer?: Environmentally Unfriendly:Garbage You Never Really Own the Movie:RentalComparison:
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Email your friends this and other Anti-DIVX website addresses and spread the word....
Don't shop at any store that supports DIVX nor buy any movie from a company supporting DIVX
Do not REWARD Circuit City for creating DIVX by shopping there.