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EZ-D DVDs Info, What are EZ-D DVDs?, How does EZ-D DVDs work?
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10 Reasons You Should Not
   1. No Price Advantage Compared To Renting DVDs Now - With a $5 - $7 price tag there are no big savings to rent EZ-D DVDs compared to renting DVDs at your local video store or online rental locations.
   2. No Selection - As of January 20th, 2004 the EZ-D format is offering 35 titles. Compare that to the 15,000 titles Netflix offers. No matter how big EZ-D gets, there will never be the selection you can get with normal DVD rentals.
   3. Environmentalists Condemn Disposable DVDs - Let's face the facts. The majority of the people will not recycle these discs. According to the Associated Press, at the city of Austin's recycling center,  where one of two local designated EZ-D recycling bins are located, city spokeswoman Stephanie Lott said that only about 10 disks have been turned in. 
   4. No Reason To Believe The Price For EZ-D DVD Rentals Will Drop - There is no reason to believe that the rental price will drop because there is no direct competition for this type of rental.
   5. Rental Period Too Short - Many local rental stores have increased the time you can keep your rental. Sometimes they let you keep your DVD 7 days or more. EZ-D DVD rentals only offer 48-hours after you open the disc before the disc becomes unusable.
   6. Limitations In Their Technology - Since the discs react to the atmosphere and change color after 48 hours rendering them unusable, they will never be able to offer extended viewing periods for older rentals.
   7. Possible Problems - Since we are dealing with a product designed to break down and not work after a very short period of time, what guarantee will be offered that I get a full 48 hours before I start having problems reading the disc? And who will give me a refund or believe me that my disc stopped working only 30 hours after I opened it?
   8. Not As Convenient as NetFlix - Sure you don't need to return an EZ-D DVD, but you have to leave your house to pick them up. Online rental stores will mail you DVDs and let you keep them as long as you want and they even pre-pay to have you mail them back.
   9. Controlled By One Company - Who controls EZ-D DVDs? Buena Vista Home Entertainment, a branch of The Walt Disney Company, introduced EZ-D DVDs in September 2003 using technology from the Flexplay Technologies Company. So who gets to set the prices? Who gets to control what movies can be in their format and which can not? Are they going to make deals with the movie studios like DIVX did a few years back to offer certain new releases in their rental format only? It is never a good idea to have one company completely control something. 
  10. Do We Really Need A 10th Reason? - Stick with what has worked for years. If you haven't already tried renting DVDs online, now is a good time to try it out. Some sites even offer a Free Month to test out their services. You don't pay late fees, you keep the movies as long as you want and you don't even have to leave your house. We do not need a new pay-per-view rental system so please don't support this one or any other disposable DVD rental system.

What Are EZ-D DVDs
   1. What are EZ-DVDs? - EZ-D DVDs are DVDs that are designed to be unusable 48 hours after you open the vacuum seal on the DVD. 
   2. How does a EZ-D DVD become unusable? - After 48 hours, a bonding resin on the DVD reacts to the atmosphere around it changing  their color and making the disc unreadable.
   3. Isn't This Just Like The DIVX Format That Circuit City Tried To Sell Me? - Not exactly. DIVX, the DVD format created by Circuit City that went extinct in 1999 was far worse than EZ-D DVDs. They tried to take over the DVD format and  made deals with movie studios that were not in the best interest of consumers. 
   4. What advantages of EZ-D will they tell me about?
  •  Hit ovies everywhere you shop not just the video store
  •  No rental returns
  • No late fees
  • No scratched discs
  • Mail in 6 Get 1 Free
  •    5. Where Can I Find EZ-D DVDs? - As of January 20th, 2004 there are only (4) markets where you can find EZ-D DVDs.
    • Austin, TX
    • Charleston, SC
    • Kansas City, KS/MO
    • Peoria/Bloomington, IL
       6. Why is Fightdivx.com against EZ-D DVDs? - We have always been against technologies that are not in the best interest of consumers. We believe that EZ-D DVDs do not offer any significant advantage to consumers while possibly causing problems with the environment and competition in the DVD rental market.
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