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CircuitCity's DIVX Format
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DIVX Is Dead


Circuit City's DIVX DVD format is dead as of 6/16/1999. Our site started out as an anti-divx website and now is a coupons & deals website. For over a year we fought Circuit City's dishonest and deceptive sales practice of their DIVX (Digital Video Express) format. DIVX, not to be confused with the Divx codec, was a DVD that was encrypted that only worked for 24-hours.

After your initial viewing period you could pay again to watch your movie. Your DIVX disc only worked in your DIVX player which Circuit City sold for about $100 more than the equivilent DVD player. With no added value but considerable cost difference, DIVX quickly went out of business with a loss to Circuit City well over $100 million dollars.

Circuit City Liquidating Inventory

Circuit City Closing Stores

Circuit City is closing their remaining 567 stores by March 31st, 2009. Circuit City's liquidation sale will be going on with discounts up to 30% off. Find out Circuit City's mistakes and what led to their demise including their failed DIVX format blunder from 10 years ago.
Circuit City Liquidating Inventory

What was DIVX?


If you still have any DIVX discs from Circuit City's DIVX format, you will not be able to play them on any computer or player. The DIVX format only worked in DIVX enhanced DVD players. In order to play a DIVX disc, the DIVX player had to make a phone call to verify your purchase. Once Circuit City decided to stop their DIVX project, everyone's DIVX discs no longer worked.

Circuit City Liquidating Inventory

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