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Fightdivx has always been a supporter of the personal privacy of our visitors and everyone one the web. This statement will spell out what our policy on privacy for our website is. We do not contradict this policy anywhere on our website and we will always give our visitors ample notice if we ever need to change this privacy policy in the future.

We will never use any information collected about our visitors to sell or trade with any other company unless specifically asked to by our visitors. has always respected our visitors and was founded on the privacy concerns of the now dead subdivision of Circuit City called Divx.

What information does Collect About Our Visitors? doesn't collect any information about our visitors on our site from our customers with out their knowledge. We do offer a newsletter where once or twice a month we send out a coupons and deals email to the visitors that opt-in and want this sent to them. We have done this since 1998 without any problems or complaints. If a visitors no longer wishes to receive a newsletter from us they can easily unsubscribe right from the newsletter or by emailing us.

Third Party Websites on
Fightdivx have thousands of links to merchants on our website. Once you leave our site, another site may have a different privacy policy. They may have cookies or collect information that you supply to them. We can not control this and are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices or other websites. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of any site that you are giving substantial information to.

Contests and Giveaways
In the past has given away thousands of dollars worth of prizes in the form of contests and giveaways. We select a random name from our newsletter subscriber list to award prizes. We ask for a name and a city from the contest winner to post on our site. Each giveaway or contest will have its own rules but will still follow this privacy policy.

Basic Concept Of Privacy have a basic concept that privacy is very important and should be respected. Each year the average person is realizing the importance of personal privacy. We will not sell, rent, or give any information about any visitor to anyone outside of unless specifically requested to by court order or subpoena.

How Can I Contact Fightdivx?
If you have any other questions regarding our privacy policy you may contact us at


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